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Jason Drury

Film Music and Composers

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Prog-1-Jerry Goldsmith -Musician Composer 

Prog-2-Michael Kamen Composer Film Music 

Prog-3-Basil Poledouris-Composer

Prog-4-Part-1-Jason Drury tells the story of Aliens 

Prog-5-Part-2-Jason Drury-Tells the story Aliens

Prog-6-Jason Drury personal Interview

Prog-7-An Interview with Leigh Phillips Film Orchestrator Part 1

Prog-8-An Interview with Leigh Phillips Film Orchestrator Part 2

Prog-9- The life of composer Miklos Rozsa - Part 1

Prog-10 - The life of Composer Miklos Rozsa - Part 2

Prog-11 The life and music of James Horner Part 1


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