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A Bonus for Billy ~ A short story by David Toy  

Al Bowley - Britains first pop star

A Passion for Rosie ~ A short story by David Toy

All our Yesterdays Mr and Mrs M. Mitchell  

A Sip of Brandy ~ Music featuring Brandy Juan

An audience with Peter Corey Actor Pt1  

Adam Mace Cybercentral

An audience with Peter Corey Actor Pt2  

All of me ~ CD ~ Roger Allen

Asthma - the research - development of Ventolin

Interview with Leigh Phillips Film Orchestrator  1

Author Patrick Burke - Eleanor Troy

Interview with Leigh Phillips Film Orchestrator  2

Author Patrick Burke - Eleanor Troy- Chapter two

An interview with Lonnie Donegan Junior

Baroness Elaine Murphy-Monks Hall

Angus McBean Photographer

Barry Fentiman-Hall Poet

Bankers observations by Peter Batt

Ben May Photographer 

Barbara Roberts CROP

Bill Gebhard memories of days gone past

Basil Poledouris-Composer

Bohemi Project latest performance CUT

Bernie Morgan - Sound and Around 4

Brandy Juan vocalist-with Roger Allen Sound

Betty Renz founder of Seaside Shuffle Jazz club

Brian Westbury Artist

Brandy Juan vocalist-with Roger Allen Sound

Broadstaires town shed-with Claire Shelton

Britain 's first pop star - presented by Eric Storm

Cardiac rehab team 1

Broadstaires Winter Folk Festival

Cardiac rehab team 2

Bu***it Telecom !

Celticcircle-Production Interview

Choice of the Valley-Australlia-1 Ken Lyons

Conner Sansby-with Melissa Todd

Choice of the Valley-Australlia-2 Ken Lyons

Dance my Lady Dance-Jan Butler

Chris Fright looks back -A Thanet Icon

Deaf and Dumb School closure info

Colin Kingwood Jazz Bandits

Denge Sound Mirrors

Cornflakes and the Victorians fear of self-love.


Cut! Bohemi Theatre group

Dr Jazz John Bull

Cyber Central Computer services

Duncan Slater interview by David Holland

Dave Rance’s Rocking Chair Band

Eclec Tic Art- Ian Barrowcliffe

David (Gastove) Freeman Folk music

Eddie Gadd remembers a moment in history

David Hill Talks about Antiques

Emily Pankhurst Picnic Ramsgate

David Holland Alex-Adlam-a-Vxenologist

First Writes Last Rites

Denge: Sound Mirrors-BSRA program

Fools' Paradise by David Russell

Doc Houlind-Trad Jazz-Seaside Shuffle

Frank Statesboro CD Launch

Dover Steam Fair

Geoffrey Bland

Dr Jazz John Bull

Gerry O'Donnell - Entrepreneur 

Dr Karen Shepherdson and Nigel Breadman - SEAS

Guitar Wonderland

Dreamland-memories-from-Vic McCoy/

Happiness-a-story by Rosie MacLennan-Craig

Eddie Gadd moments in history

Harpers Bar

Eileen Bowen-Jones-actress and continuity girl 

Harry Gotts interview

Film Actress Jean Kent

Harry Tullet interview

Folkestone Race course - John Dixon Report

Hello I'm Laura

Frog Island Jazz Band


Gadds Ramsgate brewery

Ian Barrowcliffe-Sculptor in glass

Gary Polykett - Businessman 

Ian Rolls fairground organs

Gerry O'Donnel

Interview with an English Teacher

Good Morning Lemmings

James and Mary Pringle meet Roger Allen


James Horner composer-Narrated by Jan-Clare Side

Harpers Wine bar

Jan Butler-Dance my lady Dance

Harry Gott - Should we forget

Jan Clare Side Living with one kidney

Health Wealth and the Freelance life

Jane Hogger Chemo Summer_2018

Heather Farrell-Roberts - Auto-harp with Lucy Denby 

Jane Hogger-Bluebell Girl


Jane Wenham-Jones Author

Heroine of Dunkirk

Jez Hulme - Margate Cemetery

In less than 90 Minutes: A short story by David Toy

Jonathan Jing and his Mechanical Instruments

In pursuit of happiness

Just a Chunk of Wood - Roger Allen

Jamie Moore Musician Composer  

Kate Hamlyn Writer - Author

Jan-Clare Side talks to Tony Donegan

Kerry Smith Ramsgate Volunteer Bureau

Jane Wenham-Jones-Author

Laura Probert a  Lighter look at life

Jason Drury- Aliens film review-Pt 1

Laura Sandys-the person

Jason Drury - Aliens film review-Pt 2

Ramsgate Library interview

Jason Drury personal Interview

Life planning with Nicola Parma Ageless Thanet

Jerry Goldsmith –Musician Composer 

Life with Mother  Gerry O'Donnell

Jessica Hendy-Author -A verse on Life

Lonnie Donegan Jnr at the Granville Theatre

John Dixon Folkestone Race Course

Matt Chamberlain - Poet. Melissa Todd

John Williams-Margate Cemetery

Maurice Rutherford - Poems -1

John Bull Jazz Band Leader

Maurice Rutherford programme 2

Journalist Peter Batt on Shampoo

Max Geldray- Harmonica

Just a Chunk of Wood - Roger Allen

Melissa Chats to Business Woman Fiona Crawford

Just Cos we feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there.

Melissa talks to Barry-Fentiman-Hall

Kaspaar info "blog" what we are about

Melissa Todd talks religion with Matthew Munson

Ken Lyons Choice of the Valley-1

Michael Christian Durrant-Classical Guitar

Ken Lyons choice of the Valley-2

Michael Trevethick-the story of Ventolin-Asthma

Kent Fire Brigade - Simon Belton 

Miranda Jane Dunn - poems from my life

Kevin Scott – The Golden Eagle Jazz Band 1

Music 4 Wellbeing

Kevin Scott - The Golden Eagle Jazz Band 2

Music presented by Roger Allen

Kim Gibson ex-mayor Ramsgate

My point of view - 1 Peter batt and Roger Allen

Kimmy McHarrie-Artist-Glass and Stone

Personality Betty Renz- her story

Laura Probert-Blogs

Peter Batt: Observations


Peter Batt politically speaking

Lonnie Donegan Jnr. at the Granville Ramsgate

Peter Batt - Shampoo?

Lonnie Donegan Junior - Compilation

POW international women's day Lorrain Hirst

M and G Music Shop

POW  part two Christina Clark-Mcquaid

Mandy Winters interview

Professor Grayling The European Union

Margate Cemetery

QEQM-Hands off our Hospital

Maria Brazil- Sound and Around-5

Ramsgate Cardiac Rehabilitation Prog 1

Michael Kaman Composer Film Music 

Ramsgate Cardiac Rehabilitation Team Prog 2

Michael Trevethick the story of Aspirin

Ramsgate Library

Music presented by Roger Allen

Ramsgate memories from Peter Mirams


Replay of Pushing Print

Niema Ash Author 

Roger Allen  All of Me CD

Niema Ash interview - Diana Dors

Roger Allen  "Bad Penny Blues"

Oasis Women's Refuge

Roger Allen Jazz-n-stuff 2

Paddle Steamer Medway Queen - Interview

Roger Allen Jazz-n-stuff Australia 2

Part-1-Jason Drury tells the story of Aliens 

Roger Allen Sound Red Sails in the Sunset 

Part-2-Jason Drury-Tells the story Aliens

Roger Allen Sound   "Life" Fund Raising BHF 

Patrick Burke is a designer, typographer and author

Rose McLennan and Richard White playwrights

Paul Baker and The Christian Motorcyclist Association

Rosie Craig - Happiness

Paul Zec Interview pt 1

Sheree Bell - Wellbeing Centre

Paul Zec Interview pt 2

Silver Sunday Interviews

Penny Wells (Waspi)

Sound and around with Frank Statesboro

Peter Lay –The Gambit Jazzmen

Sound and Around 6 Nichola Parma

Phil Spain talking about Ramsgate tunnels

Steve Inett-chief exec Health watch Kent

Pushing Print

Steven Todd - Playwright

Rachel Gerard Sings

Sussex Jazz Kings Reigate Manor Hotel  2015

Ramsgate memories from Peter Mirams

Swing Noir - The interview

Ramsgate Tunnels-Jan-Clare interviews Phil Spain

Thanet Coast 18-07-18

Red Admiral Records-in depth look-with Chris Ashman

The Best of the Roger Allen Sound

Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary 

The Burston  Rebellion

Roger Allen  All of Me CD

The Dawkins Delusion

Roger Allen and Friends - Australia 1

The Diana Dors Story

Roger Allen Jazz-n-stuff 2

The feel good factory

Roger Allen Jazz-n-stuff Australia 1

The Ipswich museum

Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway

The mighty Wurlitzer and Compton organs

Ron Blay Master Dredger

The Miklos Rozsa story

Ryan Dunn exhibition and interview

The Miklos Rozsa story Pt 2 edited

Sandwich Bay Bird Sanctuary

The Musicians Testament

Shampoo Science

The Mythmakers Radio Play

Shirley and Steve Channing of A Victorian Cyclist

The Royal Harbour Photographic Group

Simon Partridge  Halloween Story

The Sea and the Stars-Ron Blay

Sir Malcolm Arnold-Composer

The First Duncan Slater Interview by D.Holland

Sound and Around - Sam Austin 

The story of Aspirin

South East Archive of seaside photography

The Swinging sound of the Roger Allen Combo-JCW

Steve Inett Health Watch

The Tithe Wars

Tenterden Folk Festival 2010

Times gone by ~ Roger Allen and Friends ~ CD

Terry Nolan M and G Music Broadstaires

TOFFS meeting 18th Sept.2017 /Thanet coast

Thanet Wind farm-built by Vattenfall

Trash – Read By David Toy and Melissa Ferris

The Christian Motorcycle association

Two Tickets please-a short play by Gina Baines

The Dutch Swing College Band

Victor Maddern (Actor) Interviewed by David Holland

The Ian Rolls Fair Organ

Virus Covid 19 information  IMPORTANT INFO

The importance of being someone else Ernest D.Toy

Village Guitars-Winghams best kept secret

The Kent Air Ambulance. David Fagg tells all 

Volunteer Bureau- Louise Collins

The life of composer Miklos Rozsa – Part 1


The Lord Whiskey Animal Sanctuary

Walk Right Back ~ Roger Allen Sound

The Story of the "Medway Queen"

Wayne Mitchell – Teacher

The mysteries of the "Auto Harp" Jan-Clare Side 

World Tree Music John and Gretchen Cornwall  

The Story of Todd Slaughter by A M Barrow

X Rebellion- Thanet

The Swinging sound of the Roger Allen Combo

Yeshim Begen - Artist   

The Winds of Change David Holland

Zed and Caron world Hitch Hiking 201

This is Roxanne Riaz- Bohemi

Tom Thumb Theatre

Two hundred and seventy-five Programs

Too Close for comfort-on the Rhine –David Toy


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