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Your first place of call for expert advice on computer problems.

Adam-Mace-Cybercentral computer advice

A Jan-Clare Side programme to make life swing a bit

A Couple of Hat tricks

Baroness-Elaine-Murphy.mp3 an interview by David

Holland for Kaspaar


The best kept secret in local music

Peter-Batt-Corporate-Capture 29th-July-2019.mp3

Peter Batt talks about Global Warming

Tenterden Folk Festival    Kaspaar Recording

http://tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk/  2019

A little bit of Aussie Land, recorded by Roger Allen along with Colleague Ken Lyons of VYV 99.1 FM.  Visit an Orchid farm, listen to the mysteries, Music included.

Choice of the Valley-1

Choice of the Valley-2

Jan-Clare  Side speaks to elderly resident Victor about his life and memories of Margate and Thanet, The man who painted the iconic Dreamland sign


A programme which we are  very proud to have made, The Dutch swing College band featuring Bob Kapper interviewed by Jan-Clare Side recorded by Roger Allen

The Dutch Swing College Band 

PETER BATT- Journalist regales the  Qualities of Shampoo. Humorous tongue in cheek, a Peter Batt special 

Peter Batt is available for voice over  work and can be recorded at our Studio in Ramsgate Kent.  Fees apply

David Holland is featured in a new programme for Kaspaar

Posted 11-November-2019

Brave New words-David Holland "a Vxenologist"

An historic feature by those who have spent much of their lives making sure we never forget.




                                    A local icon    


Picture of Chris  above right at the Butlins hotel, left to right, Chis, middle Roger Allen, + two Butlin Red Coats, Right Peter West three Sunbeam photo photographers two Butlin-staff.

Some sample programmes  Currently available

Not all of the three hundred plus recordings are constantly on line, please see our Library page to request programmes


The Swinging sound of the Roger Allen Combo

Rachel Gerard Sings

Michael Trevethick the story of Aspirin

Heather Farrell-Roberts ~ Auto Harpist

Peter Batt - Politically speaking

Roger Allen Sound - Bad penny blues

The fabulous Max Geldray

Steven Todd

Melissa Todd-Dance lady Dance

Bluebell Girl

Fire Service Interview

Harry Tullet

Maurice Rutherford Poet-1

Maurice Rutherford Poet-2



Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway

Jan Clare Side, host to many Jazz programmes on these pages also heads up her page 

Blogs that caught my eye

Well worth sending in your files for inclusion, for which we thank you in advance. These blogs are a reflection of our times and content that JC  and editor Roger Allen feel are worth preserving.

We are always pleased to have your recommendations


Kaspaar (Kent Atelier sound productions and archive recordings) has been recording programmes consisting of music, personal  archives, business forums, music and anything else that makes a noise for  the last 9 years.  


Before that Roger Allen, partner in this enterprise. has "clocked" 70 years plus experience in sound recording from quite early days to the present,  we are now changing direction. 


Programmes will be hosted for business users at a monthly fee of 5 or 30 for the year, payable to the 


British Heart Foundation.  (Click Link)   


All other suitable programmes for historical archive "Free of Charge"


For further information please phone 07973400606


Best wishes

Jan-Clare Side

Roger S. C. Allen


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We bring to your notice that that programs featured and hosted at Kaspaar.info are protected under Mechanical rights laws and copying in part or whole is strictly prohibited without written permission.

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Jan-Clare Side

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Narrator Geoffrey Bland

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4. We can only re-edit for special transmission times for a fee of 25 per hour production time

5. Studios and broadcast stations may edit and include station idents as desired.

6. Broadcasting for financial reward (sponsorship) must be negotiated with KASPAAR management.

7. Programmes are not to be copied or offered for resale under any circumstances.


Kent Atelier: Sound Productions And Archive Recordings

Terms of programme replication

These programmes are supplied on conditions as follows:

1. Programme length is to the nearest minute of production time

2. You may broadcast  free after a donation to British Heart Foundation  

British Heart Foundation.  (Click Link)   


3. Kent Atelier: Sound Productions And Archive Recordings. should be credited for recording on each transmission. Credits are normally included at the end of the programme supplied.




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