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Kent Atelier Sound Production and Archive recording is an on-line only Sound archive website on which you can choose just what you want to hear. We record programmes with and about interesting local people, organisations and events, which then remain on our site and can easily be accessed individually at any time. We are gradually adding to our range of content as the weeks go by, and are currently exploring the possibility of creating a continuous programme stream, akin to Radio 4. We are still a relatively young concern, but we already have listeners in many parts of the world. Roger has a life-long experience of professional recording, and collaborated in the establishment of a community radio station in Australia which is still running after 20 years.

At the moment we can offer an internet link to your individual interview, an opportunity for you to talk about what your organisation does, its history, the motivation for setting it up, what you get out of working in your enterprise or anything else you would like to say.  For a small fee (to cover expences) you can put the link on your own website, include it on your stationery, or make it available in any way you like as an additional means of encouraging interest in your work and enhancing the contents of your own website. For some people it is more appealing to listen than it is to read, and listening can be done while engaged in another, more mundane, activity.

We would welcome the chance to support local organisations and people, as we aim to help lift Thanet out of its current doldrums by showing it as a place of vitality and professionalism. We could easily be a point of reference to complement information from Tourist Information centres or magazines. We are entirely self-funding at present whilst we are establishing the viability of this local advanced concept, so we hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity and support us at the same time, as part of the vigorous local community. Please take a look at ,  and sample some of the programmes.





Thank you for your time.
Roger Allen and Jan-Clare Side



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